We help you see what matters with powerful insights and analytics

“Perceptyx is a game changer for people metrics. I am blown away about the capabilities of this tool.  In fact, I will probably stay up all night looking at data, and cannot wait until the team gets to see this.”


Get results immediately with simple, interactive dashboards

  • Provide immediate results for your leaders with custom, interactive dashboards.
  • Display key drivers of performance and engagement so that leaders know what to work on and how it's impacting their business.
  • Set user permissions to gate content so that leaders are focused on exactly what they need to be successful.

Explore your data with powerful analytics

Employ a variety of technological advantages to make the experience and data as effective as possible.

  • Access more than 20 unique, interactive reports.
  • View employee survey results based on hierarchy, teams, and even matrixed reporting environments.
  • Filter data on dozens of demographics and linked performance metrics to drill down and uncover insights.
  • Compare groups across the organization to find hotspots.
  • View open-ended comment reports that organize feedback into themes and word clouds
  • Monitor internal trends and comparisons to external benchmarks.

Gain better insights with predictive analytics, lifecycle surveys, and linkage to business results

  • Build multiple reporting demographics and linkage to performance metrics so that you can discover how employee feedback is impacting the success of the business.
  • Load data throughout the year, such as voluntary terminations, so that you can predict when people will leave the organization and why.
  • Link multiple surveys to one another, to see trends and linkage over the lifecycle of the employee experience.

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