We help you see the employee experience more clearly

“Perceptyx is not just a survey tool. It’s an engagement tool and culture tool; a way to show that we really do care what our team members say, and that we can act and change for the better.”

Pinnacle Entertainment

Compose beautiful, custom-designed employee surveys.

A great survey not only asks great questions, but it asks them in a beautiful and engaging way. We want the survey to match your company's unique voice and culture. 

  • Leverage our recommended employee survey questions and our survey question review to help you match your survey content to your goals and strategy.
  • Custom questions, comment questions, and other question styles to fit your needs.
  • Enhance your employee experience with unique branding and UX design.

Collect employee feedback with smart survey technology

Our employee surveys are flexible and can be configured for any organization, enabling you to employ a variety of technological advantages to make the experience and data as effective as possible.

  • Step logic and conditional branching
  • Ensure employees feel that their feedback is confidential with minimum reporting thresholds.
  • Provide safe and secure access to surveys with Single Sign On, or local authentication.
  • Enable employees to take surveys on any device or web browser with responsive design.
  • Make it easy to access survey with email or SMS text message invitations.

Get a complete picture of your organization

Connect your employee feedback with additional people and organizational data to see more clearly.

  • Provide context for employee survey results with a complete organizational hierarchy of your company.
  • Combine feedback from multiple surveys such as census, onboarding, exit, pulse, or always-on, to see employee perceptions throughout the lifecycle of the employee experience.
  • Easily connect survey responses to HRIS data, demographics, operational data, and performance metrics so you can see all of your data in one location.
People Analytics

Learn how we can help you see what matters with powerful insights and analytics.


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